The Database

This is a database linking to all the posts I have done.  This page will be added to as I write more and more articles.

Articles on: Sex differences 

  1. Sex Differences In Intelligence: Sex differences in Intelligence – In-depth analysis.
  2. Sex Differences In Interests: Sex differences in Interests
  3. Sex Differences In Mating: Sex differences in mating

Articles on: Meat-eating / vegetarianism 

  1. Evolutionary adaptations to meat-eating in humans: Evolutionary adaptations to meat-eating in humans.
  2. Animal Sourced Food and the Environment: Animal sourced foods and the environment.
  3. “Humans are herbivores” – Except, not really: “Humans are herbivores!”-Except, not really.

Articles on: Other stuff

  1. Gender and partner violence: Sex and domestic violence – Have you been led astray?
  2. Selfishness- Humans are selfish – But not in the way you think.

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